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Adios 2014!!

Boy it is good to be back!!

If someone, somewhere has already invented a memory wipe, I would like to borrow it for a single use and would love to eradicate all the memories of the year 2014. Crazy year, which taught me a lot of things both on professional and personal fronts.

2014 certainly made me more mature person in terms of how to handle people both who I am working for and who I am working with. It ascertained the principles that have been imbibed in me from the very childhood to be a good human being first before being anything else, to be empathetic, and have patience in people.

2014 gave me experiences on a personal front that I did not wanted in the first place. But here I am..still sane, still moving on. What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. I hope to enjoy 2015 by writing quality posts and bring some contribution to my beloved community of developers. Have completed two open source projects, and will be writing about them shortly.